RTAS is a world-wide community, with strong representation throughout Asia, Europe and across the Americas. As such, there are no times that are not in the middle of the night for a significant fraction of the community.

We therefore decided not to have live talks, which would advantage some and disadvantage others (including inevitably some of the authors). Instead we will have videos for all talks recorded by the authors. These will go live on the morning of Wed, 22 April Sydney time, i.e. at the time the physical conference was supposed to start.

The videos will be accessible by all registered participants, and registration is free, for details see the CPS-IoT Week registration page. There will be slack channels where participants will be able to ask questions on the papers, and authors will be requested to provide answers within 48h of the start of the conference. We will also do our best to capture and preserve the discussions.

We’ll provide more information in the next few days.